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April 13, 2010 at 3:26am
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Link or you’ll miss it

As you may or may not know, I’ve been having some actual real life off the internet lately - that is, I’ve become a father - hence being slow to update the site.  However I have truly splendid interviews with underground legends Cristian Vogel and Geiom in the can and waiting to be put up, some exciting new mixes being put together, and more from Tony Thorpe to come. 

But as a new regular part of the site, I’m collecting together everything interesting I’ve found online in the last week. There’s a lot of extremely good music here, things to get involved with and some interesting stuff to read, so in no particular order…

My interview with Flying Lotus

Amazing free download compilation of off-beam electronic beat music Oscillations vol 1 compiled by Juslikemusic & Apple Juice Break

Preview of Kidkanevil & Oddissee collaboration for Oscillations vol 2, recorded at the Red Bull Music Academy: “zo0o0o0p!!

Giving Up The Internet. Brilliant piece by Mark Hooper, quite sobering.

Totally stunning animation - Pixels invade NYC »  (thks John Xela)

Is this the funniest musical collaboration of all time?

I’m currently a bit obsessed with this priapically narrative funk fusion guitar soloing by Hiram Bullock (thks Paul Gilroy)

Oh, some quite intense US/UK hiphop: Wednesday (UK Remix) - Saukrates ft Loud Mouth Melvin & Mystrogen

OOOOF thankyou Theo Minota for the link to this mighty, mighty, MIGHTY piece of antediluvian house music

Excellent Malcolm McClaren tributes from Paul McGee, unrepentant punk John Robb and from my Arts Desk colleague Peter Culshaw, who knew Malcolm well and I’d vainly hoped might introduce me to him one day…

On the obscene treatment of writers by Bauer (publishers of Q, Mojo, Kerrang!) - take a sec to read this PLEASE  Full statement HERE

Oh Detroit! THE SPICE MUST FLOW – RIP Ian Loveday aka Eon

Stuttering, atmospheric remix” of Semtek by the extremely excellent Mr Beatnick (only available until Friday!)


DJ Chef uploaded “Smooth Criminals aka Alpha, Benga, Chef, Skream" pirate radio set from 2004 to Mixcloud and it is really great

Malcolm McClaren, like all tyrants, was a sentimentalist at heart – RIP a great artist.

English libel laws a threat to freedom of expression, sign up to the campaign – not convinced? Read this message from Simon Singh.

El-B vs Roxy (RIP) ‘Deep Deep Love’, previously dubplate only 2-step masterpiece, available for download now.

Oh bliss, it’s The Roots w / Suzanne Vega doing Tom’s Diner in the style of the 1989 bootleg!

Curious about dubstep? This DMZ mix by Laurent Fintoni will illuminate matters - enjoy!

Sometimes all you need is ACID … ACIDACID!

Vybz Kartel/Popcaan/Gaza SlimClarkes' wonder if anyone at Clarks shoes has seen this (thks Charlie Dark)

Now THIS is how fan sites should be.

…and then sometimes I remember what I REALLY want to hear is angry techno for Stoli-swigging Russian bears

Srlsly this track + video by Redlight feat Roses Gabor illustrate why uk club music is in the best shape it’s been in 15 years

Roots-related treats keep coming: Pharrell & The Yessirs aka Pharrell’s solo album completely remade by ?uestlove… / The Roots stripped down / D’Angelo live backed by The Roots

Truly odd dark ambient arthouse bizarro-brilliant video for Sylvain Chauveau's 'The Unbroken Line

14 tracks of Numbers? Oh yes. Glasgow let’s go!

Piracy being taken VERY seriously in the House Of Commons

Absolutely cracking Geiom DJ mix featuring all kinds of old & new syncopated dancing music

My Top 3 Weekly Last.FM artists: Demdike Stare (51), Starkey (31) and Mosca (16)

Reading Steve Goodman's 'Sonic Warfare' and Bruce Sterling's 'Shaping Things' at the same time; mind full of the “war for our attention”!

Gil Scott Heron feat NasNY Is Killing Me (Remix)' - Nas on proper top form there. Really great.

This is better than it or any “mashup” has any right to be - Mos Dub: yes, a whole album’s worth of Mos Def over classic dub tracks

Daily Mail critic “has borrowed special paedophile spectacles

Alvin Lucier's “I Am Sitting In A Room" reimagined via red cartoon blob with echolalia (thks Alan Benzie)

Why isn’t this the actual Dr Who theme?

Jamal Moss makes the greatest, strangest house music there is  

a r-e-n-e-g-a-d-e t-u-n-e a r-e-n-e-g-a-d-e t-u-n-e a r-e-n-e-g-a-d-e t-u-n-e

Giancarlo from Peru made my day with this link: “shit, cat" - and if you don’t know here is the context

It doesn’t get much better than the footage of Brian Wilson singing ‘Surf’s Up' solo here (from 1m19s on)

I hope this do to keep you busy for now, I will hopefully update on Friday and weekly thereafter.


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