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April 19, 2010 at 11:05am
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Link or you’ll miss it II

This week I have been busy dealing with DMZ/Digital Mystikz’s Mala. I am midway through transcribing a pretty inspiring interview I did with him for FACT, which will be done and online hopefully early this week. He’s quite the philosopher, talks about business methods, jungle raves and the nature of time and space with equal ease, and I think it will be a good read. I also have him booked to play at COSMONAUT a week Sunday. You should come!

My review of Demdike Stare's two new albums is in the new WIRE mag. I can’t link to the review as, like so much I do, it’s print-only. I’m oldschool like that. But I’m particularly happy with it. Writing a thousand-word review of anything is fraught with pitfalls, as the hapless recipients of RIPFORK's ire are finding out. Do check out Ripfork, I practically use it as a style guide nowadays, and it's quite funny too. Apologies to people I know who've ended up on there, this isn't a dig – I'm sure plenty of my work could qualify. But yes, writing a long review for the Wire is extremely hard not to start swerving into producing Ripfork-fodder, as the temptation is so strong to go stupidly wordy and conceptualised as you try and impress with your erudition and verbosity. This time I think I managed to just, you know, describe the record and say what I think about it. Harder than it sounds. Anyway, buy the magazine.

I also went to the BBC to see Jools Holland's show being recorded. It was surprisingly impressive. Nice to be back on The Arts Desk after my paternity break.

This is what I’ve been looking at:


This is what Billy Bragg is for.

Interested to hear what the “chemtrail" conspiracy nutters have to say about lack of planes / lack of vapour trails in the sky… Ah wait, here we are: I knew the David Icke forums would provide. Top fruit loopery!

Hmm, $300k for a broken eyesocket you say? Sounds like a good deal - which rapper should I goad? 

Intriguing piece on how Thai Red Shirts not necessarily in thrall to Thaksin 

LOL-apalooza… The comments on this give some clue as why Bebo is shutting down.

THIS RECORD IS EXTREMELY GOOD New! Illum Sphere - Titan [3024 Records]

Ohboy… glossy classy double deep late night music from Instra:Mental.

Wow never heard this before: Art Of Noise feat Rakim ‘Metaforce’ - music a bit “Whirl-Y-Gig” but Rakim is magnificent.

AWESOME garage dub sunshine music from Aquadrop

Things I didn’t know I missed: jazzy drum & bass!

"Is it any good? Yes it is." I love a review that cuts to the chase 

Trance before trance was trance! Warning: contains 80s men in cycling shorts. 

Czech-czech-czech this out! *belms* 1h45m of deep dubstep from Prague.

Oh Rakim makes me happy 

From Eye-basser to the Norfolk Broads" - surely one of the best records ever? Certainly one of the gayest. Thanks, Barbra.

Excellent: the new Hoya:Hoya blog launches with Daedelus's recording from his first visit to the Manchester club

Bauer believe obscene journalist contracts “are still among the very best in the industry” *THE HORROR*

Bauhaus, St Etienne AND relentless electronic drugs music, you say? I’d buy that for a dollar. Ruskin DJ mix download

Greg Wilson & Andrew Weatherall pay tribute to Malcolm McLaren on the outstanding Caught by the River blog.

Anti-piracy scare story or real “blackmail virus”? Fabulously sci-fi either way

The bass on the Drake single is just ludicrous - if hip hop is dead, then I believe in reincarnation.

Man if the BNP weren’t so hateful they’d almost be lovable, so haplessly stupid are they.

Sweet bouncing baby jesus on a bendybus! I give up. From Miss Manara: these girls are of voting age :(

I am very excited that Muse have commissioned a True Tiger remix… Dubstep explosion continues. 

A reminder on Alex Nut's truly outstanding Fabriclondon mix 

Simon Singh case collapses - DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN: sign the petition - Simon will be out of pocket at least £20k - plus 2yrs lost earnings - even if he wins costs.

Why have this band not had more attention? The new Music Go Music video… 

Over 1,000 plays and 400 downloads of the Veryverymuch El-B Cumbia DJ mix

My Top 3 Weekly Last.FM artists: Toots and the Maytals (30), Ellen Allien (15) and John Matthias and Nick Ryan (15) 

INCROYABLE! Pariah on R&S… electronic soul music… 

Having a “JUNGLE MOMENT”: One, Two, Three, Four  

Gigantic Rod Liddle heap of shrivelled bollocks AGAIN - he can’t really be this stupid, can he? It must just be trolling, right?

Hahaha oh my giddy gosh, Lazer Sword do 80sHollywoodRockCrunkStep, crowd ‘lose their shit’

A quiet, simple tale of insanity & a world turned inside-out - this radio programme is AMAZING (expires soon – listen quick!)

DJ Sneak used to really make me lose my composure in ‘95

I interviewed Donovan once, he was unbelievably funny, and not intentionally. God, he’s good though.

"Cops… cops don’t like me" my god it’s ages since I heard this by A Guy Called Gerald and it sounds wonderful

It’s a while since I heard a really good bootleg, but Aaliyah vs The xx is GREAT

Happy 70th birthday Herbie Hancock you absolute DON

I know that child abuse and anti-semitism aren’t funny, but somehow in combination they’re comedy gold


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